Prepare English Learners for Success

Low-performing English Learners (ELs) are uniquely at risk academically. Language barriers can quickly widen their achievement gap, making it difficult for them to stay on pace with their peers. Catapult Learning’s EL-focused programs expertly develop the skills these students need to succeed.

The purpose of Title III is to ensure that English Learners (ELs) attain English proficiency, including instruction specifically for ELs and recent immigrants, support for their teachers and other educational personnel, family engagement activities and the purchase of materials to support EL instruction and programs for immigrant children and youth.


Develop English Language Proficiency and Boost Achievement with AchieveEnglish

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Imagine Learning

Accelerate English Acquisition through Digital Learning with Imagine Learning

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Targeted Professional Development Workshops

Develop and Empower Educators to Perform at their True Potential

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