Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High Quality Teachers, Principals or Other School Leaders

The section of Title II that provides for equitable participation is Title IIA—Supporting Effective Instruction.

The most important change under ESSA is the requirement that the proportional share for nonpublic teachers’ professional development be drawn from the total Title IIA budget, not just the amount designated for nonpublic schools. This means more resources for your instructional staff.

Title IIA funds are for professional development activities designed to:

  • Improve the knowledge of teachers and principals in the core academic subjects,
  • Develop effective instructional strategies,
  • Understand and use data and assessments,
  • Address the needs of students with different learning styles,
  • Employ effective methods of improving student behavior,
  • Identify early interventions,
  • Provide leadership development, and
  • Effectively integrate technology.

Build Teachers’ and Leaders’ Capacity for Success

We deliver effective professional learning solutions that build the capacity of teachers and leaders to raise and sustain student achievement. Delivered by our experienced team of coaches, our solutions feature best practices directly informed by research and our long-standing relationships with schools, districts, and systems across the country.

Collaborative Quality Analysis

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Building Instructional Coherence

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Coaching Connections

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High-Impact Coaching

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Professional Development Workshops

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