Improved Learning Outcomes with High-Impact Coaching

The High-Impact Coaching model is a capacity building support system for leaders and teachers to quickly and effectively implement or advance best practices. Using research-based strategies, our highly experienced K-12 coaches provide job-embedded support and a collaborative approach that leads to a shift in practices. This transformative change results in increased collegiality, greater job satisfaction, and improved learning outcomes. We partner with instructional leadership teams to design a customized coaching program that fits the needs and goals for leaders and teachers.

High-impact coaching solutions, offered alone or in tandem with any of our workshops or institutes, provide flexible programming customized to meet each school’s needs and focus on ensuring that modifications in teaching and planning are reflected in positive student outcomes.


For leaders, we focus on:

  • Instructional Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Culture Building
  • Site Management
  • Communication and Collaboration
For teachers, we focus on:

  • Designing/Implementing Curriculum
  • Pedagogy – Planning and Delivery
  • Assessment and Data Analysis
  • Establishing A Learning Environment
  • Meeting The Needs of All Learners


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