Prepare Students for Future Success with STEAM Programs

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education is increasingly viewed as essential to our economic competitiveness, national health, and environmental security. Catapult Learning can guide you in implementing effective STEAM programs for your Title I and Title IV students and their teachers.

Youth Digital – Online Tech Courses

Through our partnership with Youth Digital, we enable students to get a working knowledge of coding, design, and animation through 12 project-based courses that provide engaging, in-depth learning experiences. Students go from playing games to creating them, all

while systematically improving their academic achievement.

Courses are delivered online as pre-recorded videos and include lessons, quizzes, and other interactive challenges. The program is designed to be engaging and age-appropriate, so students remain motivated while learning critical aspects of computer science.

  • Students learn to use software tools similar to those used by professionals.
  • Teachers of Title I eligible students get access to training, curriculum, and online support.


STEAM Student Books Bags and Kits

STEAM-focused Book Bags and Kits provide age-appropriate, engaging, non-fiction texts and resource materials that foster a love of science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

STEAM Maker Kits combine reading materials with fun and educational projects, models and applications that provide hands-on learning. STEAM Literature Book Bags entertain and inform while building disciplinary literacy skills in STEAM content areas.

Implemented as part of a Catapult Learning Intervention program, or as a supplement to STEAM instruction, we offer instructional coaching on how to use and integrate Book Bags and Kits into STEAM lesson plans.

STEAM Professional Development Workshops

Customized by grade band and designed to support classroom educators, our STEAM-focused seminars work to incorporate inquiry-based learning and other STEAM-related instructional practices into the classroom.

Introduction to STEAM: Inquiry-Based Learning. Teachers explore ways to use inquiry-based methods to engage students in investigating the world around them. Teachers learn how to:

  • Develop strategies for STEAM activities linked to course curriculum
  • Facilitate inquiry-based learning as part of regular instruction
  • Engage students in experiential and discovery-based learning


Incorporating STEAM: Embedding Technology. Teachers learn how to incorporate project-based learning strategies and technology into instruction, and to:

  • Employ prototyping as a strategy to create, test, and refine ideas so that students can develop the skills they need to experiment and research on their own.
  • Leverage technology in the instruction and practical application of literacy, math, arts and science lessons.
  • Challenge students to apply scientific principles to real-world problems.


Please consult with your Catapult Learning ESSA Expert for a full list of STEAM-focused workshops!