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A Promising Future Through Life Skills Training

Above all else, we want our students with autism to explore their full capacities and achieve their full capabilities heading into adulthood. Transition and life planning services pave the way for successful independent living, rewarding postsecondary schooling experiences, and productive and fulfilling careers.

Workplace Skills

Sierra Academy prepares your child for a variety of postgraduation pursuits, enrollment in technical/vocational schools, or employment in the workforce. We focus on workplace skills in the following areas:

  • Life Skills Training: theme-based activities that teach students daily skills for living and socializing successfully
  • Vocational Skills: coursework and both on- and off-campus activities that expose students to a wide range of trades and professions
  • Career Readiness: students create a portfolio that contains grade-level-specific items and lessons such as:
    • Interest inventory
    • Work values
    • Individual learning styles
    • Resume writing
    • Budgeting
    • Electronic debit card

Similar to our custom programs, our workplace skills development curriculum is ability-specific to your child. We use hands-on instructional practices and interactive learning methodologies delivered by a multidisciplinary team. Our diverse transition curriculum consists of numerous components that greatly appeal to your child’s interests and maximize engagement.

Social Skills Training

The special education teachers at Sierra Academy focus on helping students develop age-appropriate social and emotional skills, particularly those that relate to improving their classroom performance. Our teachers concentrate on the individual development of each student to increase self-esteem, heighten interpersonal relations, and improve scholastic achievements. Through the various activity-based lessons and training modalities we employ in our social skills curriculum, students learn how to work with others, make positive choices, accept responsibility, and peacefully resolve conflicts.