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Sierra Academy is committed to achieving success with each student, against all challenges. By building confidence and competence through personalized academic and behavioral interventions, we prepare your child to become a happy and responsible adult. To see if Sierra Academy is the right fit for your family, we welcome you and your child to spend some time with us.

The Four Qualities of Sierra Academy Students

  1. Healthy individuals who:
  • Effectively maintain appropriate peer relationships
  • Take responsibility for their own physical and emotional health
  • Demonstrate healthy life choices
  1. Technologically literate individuals who:
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of various computer programs
  • Utilize a variety of current technology tools
  • Demonstrate awareness of assistive devices that will allow them to better access academic curriculums
  1. Independent individuals who:
  • Develop strategies to set specific and attainable goals
  • Set priorities and manage time effectively
  • Develop a plan for the future
  • Develop the ability to form acceptable work habits
  1. Academically competent individuals who:
  • Read, write, and speak effectively
  • Practice learned strategies to effectively problem solve
  • Complete assignments, display organizational skills, and practice study skills
  • Access and apply learned information and utilize notes on assigned curriculums
  • Earn a high school diploma