Explore Your Detailed Needs Assessment with CQA

Our comprehensive, collaborative needs assessment solution provides valuable insight by viewing your school from three perspectives: structured reflection, stakeholder perceptions, and student impact measures. It then delivers robust analytical results that benchmark your school’s practices with the best practices of schools nationwide.

Student Support Pedagogy & Curriculum Assessment Leadership Environment

Based on this comprehensive needs assessment, we measure strengths and weakness across our research-based five strands framework for school improvement. This comprehensive summary report details the school’s strengths and areas for growth. In addition, it will provide specific recommendations for short-term gains and long-term growth in order to achieve a higher standard of success. This multi-day, collaborative process results in a summary report and recommended next steps, forming the basis of an implementation plan designed to prompt a change journey towards excellence.

Five essential questions guide school evaluation and transformation

  1. How well is the school set for leading and managing change?
  2. How good are opportunities for learning and developing learners?
  3. How well does the school use assessment, data, and feedback to promote learning?
  4. How well does the school promote and foster environments that support learning and motivation?
  5. How well does the school use its internal and external resources to meet the spectrum of need for learners?

Program Details:

  • For building and district leaders
  • Includes a formal needs assessment, including multiple days of observation data, stakeholder perception feedback, and documented evidence


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